When approaching from the Ölüdeniz direction, you can reach the Göcek harbour by following the Göcek Island route. First proceed by keeping the „Dökükbaşı Burnu“ on the starboard side and the Göcek island lighthouse (Fi (2) 10s 8 M) on the port side. As soon as you pass Göcek Island you will be in the inner harbour of Göcek . The Club Marina lighthouse (Fi WR 7-4 M) will be visible on the port side. When you continue, keeping this lighthouse on the port side, two gigantic green coloured fuel containers, belonging to Mopak, will be seen ahead of you. After passing the Club Marina Lighthouse, turn 90 degrees to port and this will bring Club Marina into sight. Club Marina is a private marina founded at Büngüş Bay, which is one of the most beautiful and natural bays of the Mediterranean. Göcek village is in the area of Fethiye Town which is located at 36 45 00 N – 28 55 05 E. With its capacity of mooring 205 yachts in various sizes, Club Marina is an ideal mooring place for super mega yachts. It has a distinctive place in our country with its private quay concept providing privacy to yacht owners. The Marina Office and professional dock handlers are ready to assist with any calls on VHF Channel 72, 24 hours a day. The marina’s fuel station is open for service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to both our own clients and for yachts from elsewhere